'What is the role of art and artistic practice within research?

NB - this event is in the past.
October 6, 2022
Heslington Hall H/G09, University of York

A seminar inviting provocation, conversation and reflection on the role of art and the artist-in-residence for academic research.

Art and artistic practices have featured strongly within the project methodology. This includes direct artistic output, including a project-commissioned tour of the play Sweatbox, and production of a film version of the play. Seminar and workshop events have also included theatre performances. Most significantly, multi-media artist Laura Dean has been employed as artist-in-residence for the research project, producing the un:mute art exhibition amongst other outputs.

We brought together 20 participants in person to discuss the important role of art and artistic practice in academic research, considering the opportunities and challenges that emerge for research analysis, theorising, and developing impact outside of academia.

•Part 1: What is the role of art in research? Why is it useful, what does it uncover?

•Part 2: What does having art and artistic practice as a part of your research entail?The highs, the lows, the difficulties, the logistics