Films and Recordings

Short videos from our joint event with Clean Break un:mute at The Shard  How do we change the story about women in the criminal justice system?  22 May 2023 The Shard, London Bridge.

1. Baroness Helena Kennedy KC keynote speech. Lady Kennedy talks about the narratives about criminalised women and the significance of research and art in critiquing and re-imagining those narratives.

2. Jacqueline Stewart, Head of Participation and Deputy CEO Clean Break explains what the company does and its vital importance in individual lives and wider efforts at changing the narrative about criminalised women.

3. Tanya Tracey, Co-Chair of the Clean Break Board, talks about her relationship with Clean Break, the value they place on the voices of women, the necessity for lived experience in any Board, and the crucial role of voice in changing society's narratives about justice.

4. Professor Caoimhe McAvinchey 'Why Does Theatre Matter and Why Does Clean Break's Theatre Matter?' A short presentation of some key findings on why Clean Break's theatre matters in providing a vocabulary to re-think women, crime and justice.

5. Dr Deborah Dean 'How Does Clean Break Work and Why is That Relevant to the FTSE100?' A short presentation of some key findings on Clean Break’s management practices and their wider relevance. 

Due to the pandemic, Chloë Moss' play Sweatbox, which was due to tour to eleven universities in Spring/Summer 2020, has been adapted for film. This is directed by Anna Herrmann, featuring Funke Adeleke, Jade Small and Posy Sterling and produced by Quiet Storm. It was released on 8th June 2021.

We have our the Women|Theatre|Justice YouTube channel on which you can access recordings of seminars, graphic recordings and more. 

Clean Break has a series of interviews, films and podcasts on their website and YouTube channel which gives access to their practice and wider conversations about women and the criminal justice system in the UK.